What Does It Mean To Be Young, Now?

  • Event series
Photograph of a smartphone propped up on a duvet and notebook. Plugged into the phone is a pair of black earbud headphones. On the screen of the phone is a video call with Alain 'Fusion' Clapham who's standing infront of a colourful artwork. Next to the phone are books and a pencil.
Young People, Mental Health and Recipes for Self-care - Alain 'Fusion' Clapham, Photo: Steven Pocock. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

This series of events explores how young people have experienced Covid-19 and lockdown so far, putting their voices at the centre of the discussion.

Alain ‘Fusion’ Clapham will facilitate conversations with young people on mental health, local communities and education.

About the facilitator

Alain ‘Fusion’ Clapham

Alain is an experienced educator, creative producer and a lead facilitator for YouTube. He empowers thousands of young people to better navigate the digital landscape – while also helping award-winning CEOs discover their own stories of transformation. Alain is founder of @BMTstories – an immersive live and online experience celebrating the “awesome everyday” stories of black men and women.