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Curators Introduce Art by Kerry Tribe and Sop

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Listen to this talk with Wellcome Collecton curators Shamita Sharmacharja and Emily Sargent as they discuss upcoming installations by artists Kerry Tribe and Sop. You will be able to see these artworks when we reopen our museum and library.       

After an introduction by Melanie Keen, Director of Wellcome Collection, you’ll hear pre-recorded discussions with Shamita and Emily in the gallery, filmed during the installation of the artworks. Shamita discusses how Kerry Tribe’s ‘Standardized Patient’ highlights the need for empathy between patients and doctors in a clinical setting. Emily will explore Sop’s ‘The Den 1’, uncovering their experience as a shielder during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they sought respite in nature. Their discussions will explore connections between both artists’ works. 

At the end of the event there is a discussion between Melanie, Shamita and Emily. The event is live captioned by Stagetext. 

This conversation mentions of end-of-life care.

This event was originally live-streamed on 15 December 2020.



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The main panel discussion will be captioned by StageText, and the introduction and Q&A will be auto-captioned by Bluejeans, the videoconferencing platform.

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Black and white photograph of Wellcome Collection director Melanie Keen

Melanie Keen

Melanie Keen is Director of Wellcome Collection, London, which aims to challenge the way we think and feel about health. Her intention is to give voice to radical imagination on what health is and what it could be. She is committed to reshaping our cultural assumptions around race, disability and gender, and the human relationship to planetary health. A graduate of the RCA, Melanie has worked as a curator, and in arts policy and funding at Arts Council England. Prior to joining Wellcome Collection, she was Director and Chief Curator at pioneering arts organisation Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts), where she was instrumental in the revitalisation of Iniva’s mission and vision by making the Stuart Hall Library its creative hub.

Photographic head and shoulders portrait of Emily Sargent, curator at Wellcome Collection.

Emily Sargent

Emily Sargent is Senior Curator at Wellcome Collection. She has curated numerous large exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, including 'Living with Buildings' (October 2018–March 2019), and exhibitions on human enhancement and the experience of consciousness.

Shamita Sharmacharja

Shamita Sharmacharja is a curator at Wellcome Collection. In addition to ‘Jason and the Adventure of 254’, she has curated exhibitions such as ‘Genetic Automata’ (2023), ‘Play Well’ (2019) and ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’ (2017). Before Wellcome Collection, Shamita worked as a curator at the Whitechapel Gallery and assistant curator at Tate Modern.