CANCELLED: Oxventure Dungeons & Dragons live show

  • Performance
  • British Sign Language
  • Speech-to-text
Photograph of the Oxventurers team: Tiefling Warlock Prudence; Half-Orc Bard Dob; Wood Elf Druid Merilwen; Human Rogue and pirate Corazón de Ballena and clumsy Dragonborn paladin Egbert, and Dungeon Master Johnny Chiodini. 
Oxventure Dungeons and Dragons live show © Image by Andrew Lanxon Hoyle.

We're sorry, but we have had to cancel this event.

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Oxventurers Guild

The Oxventurers Guild is a Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying crew made up of Andy Farrant, Jane Douglas and Mike Channell from Outside Xbox, Ellen Rose and Luke Westaway from Outside Xtra, and Dicebreaker’s Johnny Chiodini. Videos of their many adventures can be watched on Outside Xbox's and Outside Xtra’s YouTube channels. They perform live shows to sold-out crowds around the world, and in December 2019 released the single ‘Literally Everyone Else in the World’, raising over £50,000 for mental health charity Mind.