Inside Head

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Film still of a man in a dark space, lit with a single blue light from directly above his head, casting much of his face into shadow. He is only visible from the chest up. He is wearing a green shirt, a light red t-shirt and a chain necklace. Both his arms are raise with both his index fingers pointing to his forehead, just above his eyebrows.
Inside head, an interactive dance film, choreographer Alesandra Seutin. © Photo: Ben Williams.

In this short interactive dance film, choreographer Alesandra Seutin invites us to explore the inner thoughts of a young black man as he reflects on the outside world’s perception of what he represents and the systemic pressures he endures on a daily basis.  

Walk in his shoes by picking his pathway and contemplate what choices he has.

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Run time is approximately 13 minutes.

The film includes creative captions and audio description that you can turn on or off.

‘Inside Head’ is inspired by the poem ‘Boy Breaking Glass’ by Gwendolyn Brooks, the first black female poet in the United States to receive a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

‘Inside Head’ is commissioned by The Place and Wellcome Collection. 



Alesandra Seutin – Artistic Direction, Choreographer & Writer

Ben Williams – Film Director

Randolph Matthews – Composer

Akeim Toussaint Buck – Performer

Jodie-Simone Howe – Costume / Set Design

Mukund Lakshman – Website Developer

Sadé Alleyne – Rehearsal Director

Nandi Bhebhe – Choreographer Assistant

Alexa Ledecky – Audio Describer

Grace Okereke – Executive Producer

Alessandra Calí – Assistant Producer

Sasha Alexandru Bora – Project Coordinator

In partnership with

Alesandra Seutin


International performer, choreographer and teacher Alesandra is daughter to South African and Belgian parents and was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She grew up in Brussels and now lives in London. She trained at Laban and Middlesex University in London, and as a student of Germain Acogny at the École des Sables in Senegal. She is the founder of Vocab Dance. Current works include ‘Giant’ and ‘Boy Breaking Glass’. Alesandra is a Guest Artistic Director for the National Youth Dance Company (NYDC) 2020–21.

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