Joy is a protest

  • Film

Who defines happiness and on what terms? Who has access to feeling happy? What is the role of joy in times of adversity? 

Between March and July 2021 young people taking part in our RawMinds youth group worked together and with artists Harold Offeh, Jasleen Kaur and Stefanie Posavec to answer these questions.

This short film explores acts of kindness and positive activism.

The Joy is a Protest zine features interviews with the artists as well as artworks, poems and illustrations documenting the collaborative process. 


Creative Directors: Nandini Bhatia, Lorena Chouthi, Kayaan Massaquoi, Hetal Mehta, Jordan Minga, Thi-Uyen Nyugen, Tumi Onaduja, Abdur Razzaque Miah, Fawaz Sajid, Malika Sandover, Laura Ukpokolo

Poets: Jordan Minga, Laura Ukpokolo, Fawaz Sajid, Malika Sandover

Project Facilitators: Nate Agbetu, Hasina Dabasia, Ayumi Konno, Anna Firbank

Project Assistants: Drea Asibey, Rachel O’Donohoe, Kerry Norridge