Peace as Pastime DJ mix

Photograph of an exhibition gallery space showing two walls meeting at right angles and a wooden floor. One the left hand wall is an information panel and bench seat. On the right hand wall is a projection of four large vertical photographs placed side to side, each monotone, but with a bright yellow tone overlaid. Each image shows an individual in a performative pose. The overall tones of the projection and the gallery walls are yellows.
Joy Inside Our Tears, 2021, Harold Offeh. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Rest. Eat. Shake. Holler. This two-hour music mix is inspired by the way durational dance and improvisational music can soften our wounds. It is a response to accepting release. To snapping tension at the root. To putting the balance of power into nature’s hand and falling into joyful instinct. This special commission blends protest music and radical sound art to position pleasure and healing as a means of dismantling power and the pressures of maintaining happiness.

Listen to Peace as Pastime on Mixcloud.

This mix was commissioned as part of ‘Dance the Pain Away’, a series of online events exploring the redemptive power of joy through social dance. The events were curated by artist Harold Offeh to accompany his ‘Joy Inside Our Tears’ installation, part of Wellcome Collection’s ‘On Happiness’ season. Xana is the sound designer behind ‘Joy Inside Our Tears’.