Photograph of an exhibition gallery wall, square on. The wall is a light pink colour and contains a central panel which is set forward from the way, upon which a large colourful old painting is hung. The painting depicts a family portrait with a mother figure a father figure and a young child. At the base of the wall, under the painting is a low white barrier to prevent visitors from getting too close. In front of the painting, standing with their backs to the camera are 3 young people looking at the painting. One stands alone on the left hand side and the other 2 stand together on the right. Either side of the main painting, further small pen and ink artworks can be seen, framed in brown wooden frames.
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On Happiness

From serenity to ecstasy, contentment to awe, happiness encompasses many different positive feelings. What it means to be happy has preoccupied thinkers throughout history, and each of us has our own ways of feeling good. On Happiness is a season of free events, activities and two exhibitions – Joy and Tranquillity – which celebrate the complexity of positive emotions and invite you to explore the big questions.

What links our emotional and physical health? How have people, today and in the past, tried to experience happiness? Who gets to define what makes a ‘happy life’ and why? And in difficult times can joy help us navigate adversity?

In our venue and online, enjoy multi-sensory artworks and historic artefacts, and see how cultural, scientific and spiritual perspectives on happiness compare with your own point of view. On Happiness offers an opportunity to rethink and reclaim happiness for our world today.