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Allergy Arcade

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Two panels side-by-side from the comic series ‘Allergy Arcade’. Panel 1 shows you are playing a video game and are being asked to “CHOOSE YOUR ALLERGY”. Panel 2 has a big, red box saying “GAME OVER”.
Allergy Arcade. © Boe for Wellcome Collection.

Being allergic to a tonne of things is more exciting than you think. Danger lurks left, right and centre. In this series, Boe playfully illustrates the daily battles that come from having allergies and intolerances. Because life's a game, says Boe - and if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

About the artist

A photo of Boe sitting outside on stairs, with graffiti in the background



Boe is a self-taught illustrator and tattoo artist based in London. Boe's aim is to normalise social and political discussions and make them accessible for all. And as a queer person, their identity is a central theme to their work. Boe also lives with a wide range of allergies which has had its challenges, and has resulted in a big bag of medicines and creams to get by.